STORM Sim has developed a new e-learning module "Shiphandling at anchoring operations"

The e-learning module (ELM) is designed for theoretical training of navigators in accordance with Chapter II of the STCW Convention in the part concerning of ship manoeuvring.

The ELM is included in the "Shiphandling basics" library.



  • Anchor gear components 
  • Anchor handling operations 
  • Safe anchoring operational guidance 
  • The choice of anchorage 
  • Anchorage calculation 
  • Watchkeeping 
  • Officer duties when approaching an anchorage 
  • Preparing for anchorage and dropping the anchor 
  • Methods of anchoring the vessel to one and two anchors 
  • Buoy mooring 
  • Watchkeeping at anchor 
  • Weighing anchor and buoy unmooring

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