STORM Sim has developed X-Ray Introscope Simulator

The simulator is intended for the training of seafarers and employees of port facilities in accordance with the requirements of Chapter VI of the STCW Code (Sections VI/5, VI/6) and the ISPS Code.


The simulator can be used for drilling practical skills of using an x-ray introscope in order to identify threat subjects during face-to-face classes and for self-training.

The simulator is based on a 3D imitator of x-ray introscope.

A student can get acquainted with main parts of the equipment and their descriptions. During the class, the student has to identify contents of the inspection’s subjects from the x-ray images on the display and detect prohibited items, including weapons, explosives and other. The simulator counts a number of detected threat items and errors. A student can get hints in the training mode.

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