STORM SIM’s Knowledge Assessment Software “KAS” is Certified by DNV and Available Now

DNV SeaSkill has verified that the software application Knowledge Assessment Software “KAS”, Version 1.1 provided by our company has been assessed in relation to Part B of the STCW Code, Chapter B-I/6, para. 11 and the competencies listed in part A of the STCW Code and confirmed that tasks and questions in KAS cover STCW Code Chapters A-II, A-IV, A-V/2, A-V/4 and A-VI.


Thereby we have a DNV Statement of Compliance that officially approves that KAS can be used for comprehensive assessment of master and deck department subject to a vessel’s type (including ships operated in Polar Waters and passenger ships), installed equipment (RADAR, ARPA, ECDIS) and designated duties (security, fast rescue boats), as well as GMDSS radio operators.

We offer to apply KAS for face-to-face and distance testing at:

  • Administration or organization that is under its authority - to establish professional competence during certification, or for revalidation of certificates (Qualification Exams) according to Section A-I/11, p.1.3 of STCW Code.
  • Maritime educational Institution or Training Centre - during training process, as well as for preparing cadets for Qualification Exams in the Administration according to Section A-I/6 and Section B-I/6, p.11 of STCW Code*.
  • Shipping or Crewing companies - for recruitment and periodical vetting.

Currently the KAS database includes about 3000 test tasks. In the nearest future, we are going to cover the competencies of the ratings and engine department.

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For more information about KAS software and how to purchase it, please contact us.
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