STORM SIM has developed a new Advanced Fire Fighting Simulator

The simulator is intended for training officers in advanced firefighting in accordance with Section A-VI/3 of STCW Code requirements in the part concerning control firefighting operations aboard ships and organization of fire parties.

List of basic knowledge and skills, worked out with the use of the simulator:

  • Organization and control of fire-fighting operations;
  • Strategies and tactics for control of fires in various parts of the ship;
  • Communication and coordination in the process of fire-fighting operations;
  • Control of ventilation, fuel and electrical systems;
  • The use of fire detection and extinguishing systems and equipment.

Practical skills training is performed in 3D virtual environment.

The Instructor enters contingencies and hazards, connected with fire progress on the ship, into 3D virtual environment according to a previously prepared scenario of emergency.

Students, in a team (emergency party), carry out their responsibilities for firefighting depending on duties designated by the Instructor and in accordance with the Emergency Muster List and firefighting plans. Scenario of progress of an emergency situation depends on how correct student’s actions are.

Within the training, students have an opportunity to move around the virtual ship, to apply imitated systems and equipment, to communicate by internal and ship to shore communication system.

The Instructor controls and monitors each student’s training, in the process of exercises performing actions recording is carried out for the effective debriefing of trainees.

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