STORM Sim has developed a new e-learning module "Shiphandling in heavy weather"


The e-learning module (ELM) is designed for theoretical training of navigators in accordance with Chapter II of the STCW Convention in the part concerning shiphandling in heavy weather.

The ELM is included in the "Shiphandling basics" library.



  • Factors affecting the ship in heavy weather
  • General information about wind and sea waves
  • Weather chart facsimile analysis
  • Rule of tropical cyclone avoidance
  • Ship preparation for heavy weather navigation
  • Influence of heavy weather on ship’s seaworthiness
  • The choice of course and speed in heavy weather
  • Storm sailing of a vessel on a crosswave
  • Methods of storming a ship
  • Altering a ship's course in stormy conditions
  • Ship’s anti-icing operations
  • Safety procedures for the ship when sailing in a storm
  • Actions of the crew in an emergency situation

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