STORM Sim has developed KAS Passenger ship test


Test tasks’ database for passenger ships personnel is a part of Crew Knowledge Assessment Software (KAS 1.0), and is designed for detailed assessment in accordance with Section A-V/2 of STCW Code.


Passenger ship tasks database includes topics:

  • Safety of passenger ships personnel
  • Crowd Management
  • Crisis Management and Human Behaviour
  • Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety & Hull Integrity

The contents of tests, issued within the comprehensive and detailed testing, including a set of competences and a number of tasks for each of them, are pre-determined by the manufacturer of the KAS. The contents of tests, issued within specific testing, is pre-determined by an Examiner.

It is possible to provide additional testing by competences that will be included into the test by an Examiner, based on the results of comprehensive, detailed or specific testing.
The Constructor allows the Examiner to create test tasks of 10 types and a list of competences, and combine them into tests for specific testing.

MORE DETAILES ABOUT Crew Knowledge Assessment Software (KAS 1.0).

DNV SeaSkill has verified that the software application Knowledge Assessment Software “KAS”, Version 1.1 provided STORM Company has been assessed in relation to Part B of the STCW Code, Chapter B-I/6, para. 11 and the competencies listed in part A of the STCW Code and confirmed that tasks and questions in KAS cover STCW Code Chapters A-II, A-IV, A-V/2, A-V/4 and A-VI.

DNV Statement of Compliance officially approves that KAS can be used for comprehensive assessment of master and deck department subject to a vessel’s type (including ships operated in Polar Waters and passenger ships), installed equipment (RADAR, ARPA, ECDIS) and designated duties (security, fast rescue boats), as well as GMDSS radio operators.

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