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The e-learning module is designed for theoretical training of GMDSS radio operators in accordance with Chapter IV, IMO Radio Regulation and IMO Model Course 1.25 "GMDSS General Operator's Certificate.

What is an e-learning module?

E-learning module is the electronic textbook on one or more sections. Theoretical materials can be accompanied by drawings, diagrams, photos, animations and videos. There is a test for assessment of knowledge gained at the end of each section.


  • Basic concept of the GMDSS
  • Possibilities and Provisions of Maritime Mobile and Maritime Mobile-Satellite Service
  • GMDSS Communication systems
  • GMDSS alerting and announcement Systems
  • Emergency communication
  • Public communication procedures


  • Chapter IV STCW Code
  • IMO Radio Regulation
  • IMO Model Course 1.25 "GMDSS General Operator's Certificate"

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