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GDS Simulator is intended for practical training in using portable gas detectors for testing atmosphere in ship enclosed spaces.


Simulator consists of Instructor WorkPlace (IWP), and Student WorkPlaces (SWP).

IWP is designed to set and control the performance of training tasks.

Instructor’ operations:

  • to assign a closed space to the student;
  • to enter type and concentration of gases and vapours in the enclosed spaces;
  • to compare the measurements results made by the student with those given.
Student’ operations:

  • to study construction, indications and controls of the gas detector;
  • to study gas detector calibration principles and prepare it for operation;
  • to determine the type and percentage of gases in the enclosed space.

GDS Simulator includes Dräger X-am 5000 portable gas detector, which is widely used on ships, in accordance with its Technical Manual. Gas detector simulator helps determining concentration of O₂, explosive gases and vapours (% LFL), H₂S and CO for maintaining tests, required for enclosed space entry.

Simulator includes the following ship spaces:

  • Cargo tank with vapour lock for gas detector hose penetration;
  • Ballast Tank with hatch lids for gas detector hose penetration;
  • CO₂ station;
  • Paint store.

  • Simulator can be used:

    • during tankers personnel training courses in accordance with requirements of Chapter V of SCTW Code;
    • during Advanced Fire Fighting Training courses in accordance with requirements of Chapter VI of SCTW Code;
    • during Enclosed Space Entry training courses.

    Delivery set

    Simulator can be delivered as a separate product, or as part of AFS Advanced firefighting simulator.

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