STORM SIM offers new LBS Davit-launched lifeboat simulator for installation



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LBS Davit-launched lifeboat simulator is intended for drilling practical skills of candidates for a certificate of proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats in accordance with requirements of Sections A-VI/2 (Table A-VI/2-1) and other crewmembers in accordance with requirements of A-VI/1 of STCW Code (Table A-VI/1-1) :

LBS tackles the task of gaining competencies, which earlier were not accessible in the Training Center due to the disadvantages of its technical resources:

  • impossibility of internal combustion engine’s start in the premises or closed pools,
  • absence of applicably big and customized water area,
  • complexity of rough weather simulation,
  • adverse climatic conditions in impossibility of internal combustion engine’s start in the premises or closed pools the open air..
Content and functions

Innovational simulator consists of real equipment: a lifeboat, launch- and lifting appliance and embarkation station, which allow drilling embarkation and disembarkation of crew members, launch and lifting of lifeboat.

3D visualization system of the surfaced plant and specialized modified equipment (steering wheel, engine remote control handle, engine control panel) are implemented inside the cabin. These allow drilling the following practical skills:

  • engine operation,
  • maneuvering the lifeboat clear of ship's side,
  • handling the lifeboat, in particular in rough weather,
  • steering the lifeboat by compass,
  • assembling liferafts and rescue of persons in distress at sea,
  • intentional grounding of lifeboats.
Simulator can be delivered as a “turnkey project”. In such case a new fully equipped lifeboat is going to be delivered, with no engine, but including implemented visualization system and specialized equipment, launch- and lifting appliances layout and embarkation station. 

In case if Training center has its own lifeboat and launch- and lifting appliances, they can receive works on implementing visualization system and specialized equipment.


  • Section A-VI/2 "Proficiency in Survival Craft, Rescue Boats and Fast Rescue Boats",
  • Section A-VI/1, Table A-VI/1-1 "Specification of minimum standard of competence in personal survival techniques".
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