New 3.0 version of SCS Small and pleasure craft simulator is going to be released


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New simulator version is based on our own developed graphical engine, and includes:

  1. New more realistic water surface visualization system and environment.

  2. Small Craft simulator 3.0

  3. New vessel models with acting behavior close to reality.

  4.  Detailed models of floating navigation signs.

  5. The effect of “stretching” of the side channels of the surface situation visualization in the base version of the student’s workplace has been eliminated.

  6. Small craft control panel has been modernized.

  7. Electronic chart display simulator has been modernized.

  8. Radar simulator has been modernized.

  9. It is possible to substantially increase the size of the navigation area and the number of floating objects located therein.

  10. It is possible to connect a dynamic platform to the simulator.

  11. The maximum number of simultaneously operating student workplaces has been increased. 

  12. The process of development and implementation of new navigation areas and vessel models has been simplified.

Development is scheduled to be completed by 1 March 2024. Organizations which order the new 3.0 version this 2023 year, will receive preferential purchase terms.

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